Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fat Hatred

Current Weight 218 lbs.  Weight Lost: 21 lbs.   Weight left to lose: 81 lbs.

I've been keeping up with a series called Body Wars.  Here are some comments from one of the articles:

 "Fat people have a problem with portion control. They will just misuse this information and get fatter."

"Some people think disgusting fatness is beautiful. Mostly other disgusting fat people."

"Even the most hardcore anorexic is healthier than a fatty. They'll live longer, look better and get dates. Nobody likes fatties and they all die of heartattacks and only date other fatties. That are fact."

So these individuals think that fat people are: gross, ugly, unloveable, and lack self-control.  Did it occur to them that other people might think that they are stupid assholes? 

I also watched a show a few months back in which one of the hosts took a jab at the singer Adele, someone I happen to think is gorgeous.  The hosts of the show were self-indentified nerds and one of them insinuated that because Adele is heavy, she would be desperate enough to have sex with any of one of them.  So not only did he insult large women and Adele in particular, he also insulted nerds by implying that only desperate people will have sex with them.  As a plus-size nerd, I find that doubly offensive.

It occurred me how idiotic these people sound but this stuff still cuts deep.  Why?  They obviously have issues with their intellectual capacity so why would anyone care what they think of fat people?  I guess I don't know but I can say that these comments are based on plain old fear and ignorance, which humans have in abundance.

I do know that these people aren't the reason I'm on this journey.  If someone tries to lose weight to placate haters and please other people, they are setting themselves up for failure.  I did that once and I failed.  I have a husband and friends and family who love me for all of the things I am regardless of my size.  I want to bask in the light of that love for as long as I possibly can.  And that is why I'm doing this.