Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Love of Food

Current Weight: 226.8 lbs.   Weight Lost: 12.2 lbs.       Weight left to lose: 86.8 lbs.

I love cooking and baking. I love cooking for people. I love restaurants.  I love FOOD.   I once thought that permanent weight-loss and this love of food were incompatible.  But the food isn't the enemy.  Doughnuts are not inherently evil.  My lack of control is what I have to vanquish.  I am certainly an emotional eater.  My exercise regimen has helped keep me in check when I have gone off the rails. 

I hate the word "foodie" but for lack of a better term I guess that is what I would be called.  Being a foodie who can lose almost 100 pounds and not be miserable the whole time will be a major coup.  Learning to cook basic but wholesome meals will always help with weight related issues because we become less reliant on processed convenience foods, fast-food, and take-out.   And that has other benefits because home-cooked whole food meals are more nutritious and if done right, much cheaper. 

Now, how can I maintain this love of food, keep cooking good meals and curb my emotional eating at the same time?  That will be the true long-term challenge.  That task will require a lot of introspection.

I hope you had a good holiday dear readers.  Happy and healthy eating to all of you.  

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