Friday, March 28, 2014

Bullies, In and Out

My biggest bully is myself.   Yes, there was the abusive and insecure mother who, starting at the age of 10, was constantly telling me to lose weight (I was a healthy weight up until 10 years ago.) And the girl in junior high who told me my legs looked weird.  I  haven't worn shorts or short skirts in public since.  Messed up right?  Why am I letting a comment from a 14 year old (MADE 23 YEARS AGO), still bother me?   When I was in my spin class the other evening, all I could see were tree trunk legs; not the muscles powering the machine.

My weight loss has derailed.  I'm trying not let it bother me but it does.  The tree trunk legs bother me. My jowls bother me. The squishy belly bothers me.  The tired fibro eye bags really bother me. Or is it just the inner bully bothering me?   Hey bully, the woman in the picture made a cute craft project, so bugger off! 


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