Monday, August 13, 2012

Finding What Works

 Current Weight:  211 lbs.  Weight Lost: 28 lbs.  Weight left to lose: 71 lbs.

I read an article that got me thinking about the variation in the human metabolism. The author of the article had to combine exercise with a total elimination of sugar and wheat to see weight loss results.  Obviously I have done a lot of thinking about what works for me and what doesn't.  What I've discovered through the course of my adult life is that exercise is key for my success.  I've also found that sugar, white flour, and processed foods hinder my success but only if they are a regular part of my diet. I can enjoy products with sugar and white flour in moderation as long as I keep up the exercise.  I suppose that is norm for the most people.  I know through a lifetime of experience that my metabolism grinds to a halt when I become sedentary.  So, my bike and walking shoes will become my BFF's.  But I'm at the point where I enjoy their company.

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