Friday, September 7, 2012

Setbacks and Temptations

Current Weight: 212 lbs.   Weight Lost: 27 lbs.  Left to Lose: 72 lbs.

I have gained a little and stalled out the past couple of weeks.  I have been told that is normal but it is frustrating none the less.

I have not been sleeping well and I have been feeling down.  This hot dry summer has induced a nasty fibromyalgia flare which affects my sleeping.  My fatigue and dysthymia affect cravings and my sugar cravings came roaring back with a vengeance the past few weeks.

There was a lot of sugar in my life this past weekend.  Five, yes, five birthday parties!  Lot's of yummy food and sweets galore.  My will-power flat-lined.   So, time to rally and get back on track!   With the exception of my own birthday dinner this weekend, cake is being banished for a while.

On the positive side of this, I spent time with my dearest friends at these parties including this cute little fellow who turned 1 year old.  Isn't he handsome!  And isn't that what these joyous events are for? Celebrating a milestone and being with people we love; cake isn't the important part.  (But damn, was it tasty!)

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